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Why I Chose To Study Abroad in 2019

“Wow you’re so lucky to be studying in Australia […] I wish I was doing that”. The phrase I heard over and over again prior to my departure to the University of Sydney. Deep down I always questioned why people chose to use the word “lucky”. I am not lucky as such, it’s just I like an adventure and I am willing to make the adventure a reality.

My decision to study abroad was not heavily calculated, I didn’t over nor under think it. Why I personally chose study abroad is a unique question. One of many reasons was that I wanted to add that extra thrill and sense of adventure to my Blog posts and YouTube videos (where I document my experience studying).

Pushing myself further out of my comfort zone, developing as a person and an opportunity to get an amazing tan (seriously…) all contributed towards my “spur of the moment decision”, as described by my Mum, to study on the other side of the world. As I write this now, I sit on a balcony overlooking Sydney’s iconic sky scrapers, notably Sydney tower and its space like design, with a pure blue, humid sky. Something I’m not really used to, considering I’m from England... My thoughts as clear as the sky, with my only dilemma being, do I need sunscreen for the walk to my lecture?

Australia was a place I never imagined I would be living in this time last year. However, once the opportunity arose I knew I had a chance while young to travel and explore a different continent under the comfort of education, an opportunity to good to surpass.

Many believe that you learn the same amount studying abroad as you would do studying at home, and I did once to. I knew studying abroad would be culturally enriching yet one aspect I never considered before coming out to Australia was the knowledge and awareness I would gain from my fellow international students. One of the most valuable experiences so far has been developing and understanding cultural traits from my friends. Meeting the bold, the shy, the knowledgeable and the happy.

Prior to departing on this year long voyage, I thought of many benefits of studying abroad (which inspired me to embark on such a journey) but I truly underestimated the powerful impact of such an adventure.

Knowledge is shared with us every day at university. Shared by academic leaders, world renowned researchers and more. Yet the knowledge I have gained from my study abroad experience thus far is equally as powerful. People are the greatest way to learn, and studying abroad is perfect for meeting people. After all, “the human brain holds the key to our future” – David Suzuki.

Hold tight, i entered this in a competition and lost! Damn i really needed that scholarship funding...

Yours Truly, Your Boi