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University life Explained: Responsibilities, Deeds, Learning & Student Life

To help you guide you to the university life, I have put some recommendations listed below:

Students are responsible for your deeds.

Students are responsible for either studying or relaxing and taking a day off. Scheduled classes are compulsory, but outside curriculum activities or social activities are not. They are shaping their own future, own desire, and dreams.


No matter if students live in a town or a city, that is the place where they can meet nationalities from all over the world. University is a place where students start adult life and they are experiencing different cultures and values. Students who travel and study in their maybe favorite country are eager to learn more about the culture of the country. All students and universities are different, but students' life is inclusive.


It is connected to structural diversity and different topics in the curriculum. Students are more successful in universities with greater diversity in comparison to students where more homogenous demographics are.

Major field.

Another experience that influences in the career path of the student. In some colleges there is an option to change the major, while in others there is no such option. Also, majors affect to cognitive development, if a social major or major in humanity sciences is selected, students have better cognitive results.

Astin (1993) found

Staying in touch with family and friends.

No matter the distance between the student and his family and friends, he will stay in touch. This is the case even if the student is living far away. Technology is more advanced than ever and makes communication a lot easier.

Students learn every day new things about the place where are located

Living in a new country, being in touch with locals, and having a new way of living, every day students learn something new and exciting. Also, living on own means learning a new skill. Like using the washing machine. If students live in other country, they will learn a new language, or how to prepare their dishes. Students can find out something new and exciting, learning new things that are not written in the books.

Studying the materials.

The classes and lectures are only a small portion of students' life. The books have to be learned outside that time. A big part of the time in students' studies is spent in writing research, paper, essays, preparing for quick tests, exams, presentations, reading books for further information, writing thematic assignments at the end of each part of the curriculum and other activities.

Students do not get only a degree.

Students learn to live and to make a balance between studying and life, not just about studying. They must have some time to learn from books, to have time for other activities, can participate in sports and organizations. NGOs are as part of extra curriculum activity and can widen the experience during the study and make a good job experience.

Possibility to work as a part-timer.

Even on-campus students can be employed as a part-timer in shops and bars. If the student has good research skills, he can work as a part-timer assistant. Also, students can be paid to participate in their studies. Also, if necessary, can participate in the Students' Union, as paid or non-paid, but will surely give great perspective and contribution to students' life and decisions.

Lifestyle and activities.

Campuses are often in an interesting part of the city where are located. Restaurants, pubs and other entertainment in a vivid street is common in downtown areas. If students go to a city university, means that this kind of entertainment is nearby.

Campus has all needed for every day life close by, like food outlets, grocery shops, lecture halls, a Post Office. Also Special days at bars and cafes.

Sports and university.

On the webpage of each university usually are the sports and sports teams in which students can participate. This is one of the best ideas for meeting new students while studying. Sports societies can also make friendships that last even after graduation. And even if they are not a sport person, they can go and watch the game and meet some other lovers of the particular sport. And can make a social event for the players and lovers of the sport in their accommodation, which will be a great part of mingling with students of the university.

Support from the university.

No matter which university is in the plan, the staff can support you as an individual and as a student. Students have support from home, but they have support from the university, teachers and other staff. University staff is helping in many areas in life, all of above mentioned, also finances, accommodation and visa application. Some teachers offer extra time for tutoring during the first year of university life, and also maybe some of the top students can help them settle in during first year of studies.

Planning financing.

Some universities offer testing prior to application, so the top students can have scholarships and in that manner help them at the beginning of the studies. This decreases the cost of studying, because students' life can be very expensive. Other offer payment 4 times a year for the tuition. An office with landline phone is available for students to contact for the possibilities of payment and help them decide their student.

Student discounts.

Some countries give special student cards for discounts. This card can be used everywhere, like in bars, shops, boutiques and can decrease finances.

Students as part-timers.

Students often support themselves and work as part-timers. This helps them to further experience the culture of the country they are located in. In the beginning, it can be difficult to cope if the local language is not English or if locals don't speak English.

Taking into consideration to everything listed above, students' life in university can be difficult, especially at the beginning, or if they move to another country. But the most important part is growing into an independent person and as a professional. It can be also the most vivid experience.

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