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UK University Tier List 2021/2022 - University Rankings

Helloooo everyone! Hope everyone is well. Ya see, soon I am going to be completing my final ever UK University Tier list video ever! Let me explain why....

A few weeks back I made a video called "University Tier List UK (In my opinion...)"

In this video I completed the tier list challenge for every Russell Group University in the UK. I ranked all of the Russell Group Universities in the UK... The University of Cambridge, Oxford, Exeter, York, Birmingham, Manchester, and more based on the university nightlife, academics, courses, people, campus funny stories, and more.

It was wild and the comments were actually crazy! The ranking was contested and disputed! So I have no decided to make a new ranking for the best Russell Group Unis in the UK. However this time to prevent controversy I am not making the ranking, we all are!!

In this poll you can vote for the best and worst UK Unis so I can make the most accurate UK Uni tier list ever!!

HERE IS THE UNIVERSITY TIER LIST POLL: Please complete it if you want to be part of history!

So please get voting and subscribe to my YouTube channel to see the results soon!

Thank you very much and take care!

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