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There is no substitute for money in our lives. We need money in every aspect of our daily life. It makes our lives simple and beautiful and dynamic. Money is an asset that every human being needs at all time. Nothing is possible without money in the present age. Who does not want to be self sufficient by earning money?

So, making money is very important for us. That’s why, we see Most of the student start earning money in their student life. It is a very good way to earn money besides studying, it increases experience and knowledge.

So today we will talk about top 5 best way to make money at university.

· Assistant teacher

At first we will talk about teaching profession. The dignity of the teacher is always higher in everywhere. Teaching is a noble profession. And teachers are known as friends of our society. The rule of a teacher in human society is immense. There are many People who initially worked as an assistant teacher but later established himself as a high-ranking teacher .at this present time, teaching is well paid profession. Through this profession, anyone can become easily self-reliant. So, Besides studying, we can choose this profession for money making.

· Library assistant

The library has long been a social institution. Honesty is the best ideal at the foundation of this Profession. ,If anyone want to work as a library assistant, then you have to have a good character. Because library assistants have to do this job with lots of sincerity. Working in this profession it is possible to develop your own profession by adopting various innovative techniques and research. So it is a good job for study as well as money making easily. It will help us to be efficient and experienced as well as earning money. So this is also best way to make money at university.

· Cafeteria worker

In addition to studies, another area of earning money is working at cafeteria. Almost every university has a cafeteria. It is very easy to earn money by working as a cafeteria worker .Nowadays this profession is growing day by day. Especially students are more interested in this profession. Because it is a profitable business, the salaries of those who work here are much better. There is some things you need to know about working as a cafeteria worker. . Your manner of speaking must be beautiful so that you can attract customers easily. And with that you must maintain a clean and hygienic rule. By working as a cafeteria worker you can gain enough knowledge about the business and later you can open your own business. Anyone with the goal of extra income can be successful as a cafeteria worker . You can use this experience to become more efficient and far-sighted later. So this profession can be selected for the purpose of extra income.

· Tour guide

Tour guide is a popular profession in this present era . Through this profession it is possible to earn money very well. It is considered as a free profession. Besides studying, many people are becoming interested in this profession. Every year different students come from different places to study in good universities. .At the same time different travelers from different countries can come to visit. They need a tour guide to know better and to adapt to new place. There are some things you must know to be a tour guide. The first thing is that to have sufficient information and knowledge about the place of interest. And the second thing is language, In order to communicate well, You must have knowledge of several languages. So it is not bad to take these as a profession .

· Assistant sports coach

Working as an assistant sports coach is a very good profession. If you are an expert and interested in sports then this profession is perfect for you. Each college and university has a separate section for sports. Sports help us to develop our physical and mental health. With involvement in sports, we can become more energetic ,strong and effective. By working as an assistant sports coach you can later establish yourself as a good coach. There is a lot of demand for sports coaches in today’s world And their remuneration is much higher. So anyone can build up their career by choosing this profession. So this profession can be a good profession for money making at university.

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