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Food is the first choice of every human being. We are innately attracted to the food . Food is the main source of energy for the human body. it is one of the most important and basic human needs. That’s why every human being feels a different attraction towards Food .Food helps us to meet our daily need. Foods give us that energy to work all day long. Eating good food will also improve our health. Health is the root of all happiness. And the key to good health is good food.

Good food keeps our body and mind healthy, beautiful and fresh. Every food needs to be delicious as well as quality.

There is a word, Good Food, Good Life.

Eat good food, your health will be good.

In our daily busy life we spends most of the time outside of the house. Specially students because they spends most of the day at college and university.

So today we will talk about five tasty and cheap meals which is perfect for university students.

· Burger is one of the most popular food nowadays. There is no one in the world who has never heard of this food name. This food is very popular from Café, canteen, street food shops to big restaurants . Despite eating this food everyday, it’s partial demand does not decrease. From 100g of burger we can get 290 calories. people of all ages love to eat burger. It’s basically a dish made with a patty in the middle of two buns. It’s main ingredients is meat and bread. The burger is served hot with patty of meat, lettuce, bacon, cheese, tomato, onion and variety of sauces and spices for taste . There are many varieties of burgers, like, hamburger, CheeseBurger,Naga burger, beef burger, chicken burger, veggie burger and so on. Although its origin is in Germany, it varies from region to region. Students enjoy this meal a lot. students can make a choice as a quick and delicious meal. Because it can be eaten while doing any work.

· Hot dog

Hot dog, is a food resembling a burger. It is a calorie-rich food. So a 100g hot dog is capable of giving 290 calories . It's a fast food type meal . It is basically made with a combination of grilled sausages, sauces, different types of spices in the middle of two buns. Hot Dog is a tasty and tempting food. Students are like this food very much. It does not take much time to eat that’s why students prefer this food. It is now popular in everywhere. Hunger is easily quenched through this food. It's also cheap and yummy. Being readily , it is available in everywhere. There are many varieties of hot dog, A bratwurst, Chilean completo, a danger hot dog, cheese hot dog, chili hot dog, corn dog, Italian hot dog and many more. It can be a part of your food list as a inexpensive and tasty meal. This food is very suitable for those who want to eat a quick meal. It's a quick, tasty, and tempting food. Those who like to eat quick food they can put it on their diet list.

· Pasta is an Italian dish. So, Italian pasta is world famous by name. However, it is still one of the most popular foods in the world. when you hear the name of the pasta, water will come in your tongue. Needless to say, it is a mouth watering food. A plate of hot pasta will delight any eater. It's such a delicious food. it is one of the most enjoyable foods in the whole world. Pasta is the easiest way to add protein to the diet plan. 100g of pasta will fill your 140 calories deficit. It is healthy and inexpensive and tasty meal as well. There are many kind of pasta like, cheese pasta, Creamy pasta , cheesy saucy pasta, sausage pasta, penne pasta and so on.

· Pizza

The dish pizza is now at the top of the world's most popular food list. Everyone, loves to eat it. According to the taste of this food, variation of this food can be noticed. Mainly, it’s flavor differs depending on the taste requirements . It is a popular food in all countries of the world. The simple name for the quick appetite is pizza. This will enrich your food list. This is the right food for a short period of time at hand. It will make up for the lack of appetite just as it will give you pleasure to eat. There are many varieties of pizza, like, Pepperoni pizza, cheese pizza, veggie pizza, meat pizza, BBQ chicken pizza, Hawaiian pizza, and so on. The list is updated regularly and currently contains 680 types of pizzas.3 billion pizzas are eaten every year. So it is not bad to have this delicious meal on your food list.

· Fried chicken

Fried chicken is a food that likes of all ages people. Especially child. Kids like it more than other food. It’s hard to find people who don’t like fried chicken. It is a food rich in calories, protein and fat. This sprained food is very tasty and alluring. It is a quality meal. People like to eat different types of fried chicken, like, Grilled chicken, fried chicken wings, chicken Broast , Crispy chicken, spicy broasted chicken, roast chicken, BBQ chicken and so on. So it can be a part our food list.

In addition to the foods mentioned above ,there are many other foods like, cake ,pastry, donut, dumpling, spaghetti, Pettis ,and many more. Universities students can choose this type of food to enrich their food list.

Thanks for Reading "TOP 5 CHEAP And TASTY MEALS PERFECT FOR UNIVERSITY STUDENTS 2022/2023" Written by Israt90 for Mr Univeristy *Note, full t&c on website. Prices, rankings & Information changes over time. All Information here is opinion based and all information should be fact checked*