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The Top 5 Worst UK Universities to AVOID GOING TO In 2022/2023 (Work UK Unis Overall)

Firstly, moving to a new place for higher studies is absolutely a daunting experience. Especially if you are living abroad from home for the first time. The worry of being a crime victim while at university is a major concern for both students and parents.

Students, on the other hand, I cannot emphasize more that if their school region is mentioned beneath, they should not forsake their plans to study there. This list is not meant to terrify you, but rather to give you a more realistic picture of the area you are relocating to. As a result, you will be more psychologically prepared to take extra measures, lowering your chances of being a crime victim.

The crime statistics presented here are based on the three categories of crime that are most likely to harm students: burglaries, robberies, and violent crime.

The figures indicate the documented rate of crime per 1000 individuals in various cities' student zones.

As a result, we have prepared a list of the most popular five student locations in the United Kingdom with the highest number of cases to demonstrate which regions are truly of possible concern, in order to assist students in creating the best college selection option for them.

Dangerous Student Areas:

● Bradford

Bradford is at the top of the list, with a massive 90.2 crimes per 1000 population. The statistics shows that the rate of robbery is 3.5%, burglary 10.4%, and rating of violent crime rating is 76.3%.

● Central London

It's also known as the school of art. The coutauld school of art in central London has 78.7 crime rate of 78.7 per 1000 people. City centers have the highest crime rate recorded. The nearby schools is ranked sixth in the crime rate known as LSE. the crime rate is 13.5% per 1000 people for robbery, 15.5% per 100 people for burglaries', and 49.7 % per people of 1000 for voilent crime rates.

● Southampton

The rate of crimes in the student lounge consists of the Portswood area and the ratio is 77.9 per 1000 individuals. The statistics show that robbery is about 3.5 % per 1000 persons, burglaries 11.1%,and violent crime rates are about 63.3% per 1000 persons.

● Middleborough

It's a Teesside university that constitutes a rate of crimes per 1000 individuals of 78.5%. 2.3% shows robbery rate, 12.4% shows burglary rate, and 63.9% rate of crimes consisting of violence.

● Lincoln

The Lincoln University stands at a fifth rank of student crime rate with a percentage of 74.7% per 1000 persons. Facts show that the rate of robbery is 1.4%, burglary rate is 10.2%, and crime rate of violence is 63.2%.

To put these figures in context, the institution with both the lowest crime rate was Harper Adams Institution in Newport, Wales, which had a campus area crime rate of 21 per 1000 students, which was more than four times lower than Bradford.

The Following Are The 5 Bad Universities With in UK That Students Must Think Twice About Attending In 2022

1. University of Suffolk

According to data, the School of Suffolk seems to have the highest scores drop - out rate amongst young students of any public university in the UK.

2. University of East London

The University of East London was ranked third-to-last, having slipped one spot from the previous year.

3. Glyndwr University, Wrexham

Wrexham's Glyndwr University ranked one of the worst in the UK Guardian guide. Glyndwr University has been ranked worst according to the Guardian's university ranking table.

4. Ravensbourne University London

Ravensbourne University London, a London-based higher education school, finished second-to-last, having slipped one spot from the previous year. At 54.7 percent, the university's student experience was unsatisfactory

5. University of Bedfordshire

According to the University Guidelines provided, the University of Bedfordshire is listed the worst in the UK. Bedfordshire University was placed 130th out of 130 UK institutions in the 2022 rankings, a seven-place dip from the preceding year.

By a wide margin, the institution has the worst degree passing rate in the UK, at only 53%.

Students With The Poorest Experience

Wales University

There are several London institutions in the worst twenty for students' experiences, but the University Wales comes out on top, with students citing dissatisfaction with everything from the academics and the campus to the partying and the accommodation.

The Worst Nighttime In Universities

The University of Winchester, St Andrews, And Cambridge

When it comes to campus nightlife, the university of Chichester, Winchester, St Andrews, and Cambridge all rate extremely low, with students claiming that the surrounding towns are sorely deficient in decent pubs, nightclubs, and even local bars.

The one with the most high crime area

Manchester and London

Manchester has 18 of the top 20 worst ranking in the university areas for crime rate in the UK, illustrating that the city is undeniably the worst campus site when it comes to crime ratio. Manchester and Salford Universities have also been associated with crime. Manchester neighborhoods have high crime rates, particularly the Manchester-based Fallowfield district, where police cars prefer to patrol each night.

Final Thoughts

So there they have it: the UK's five lowest-ranked institutions. Now, even though they're the lowest rated universities in the UK does not mean they can't learn a lot and have a good time, but it's always fascinating to know because the worst and lowest placed institutions in the UK.

This rating is determined on five factors: student happiness, research quality, research effort, entry qualifications, and graduate prospects. The information was acquired from the Higher Education Funding Council for England (HEFCE), the UK government's official research organization. They collect data from institutions around England to determine just how well the university performs.

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