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The Top 5 UK Universities You Might Want to AVOID going to In 2021!

Making a bad choice in terms of what Uni you go to is impossible because you've probably never been to University before so you don't really know whats good or bad. Also, every University can become good if you put the effort in (granted some make it easier to be good ie lots of clubs and socials and good reputations...)

Today here at Student Ear, we thought we should bring you the top 5 lowest ranked universities in terms of student spend according to the Guardian League Table. Why? Well because this is probably a red flag to many, not a defining choice in terms of what universities you should go to in 2021, but a university that spends nothing on is students or campus in the long term, is not likely to be desirable...

So in order here they are!

1. The University of Glyndwr

2. The University of Liverpool Hope

3. The University of Abertay Dundee

4. The University of Queen Margaret

5. The University of East London

(Source Guardian League Tables 2021: