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The TOP 5 BEST Partying Universities in the UK 2021!

So what are the best partying universities in the UK in 2021?!

Its an impossible task to name just 5 because what ever university you go to if you find the right people, and look for a good time the good times and parties will come. No Cap. Some times you might have to host the parties and some times not but all universities in the UK have great night and party life. However.....

The Universities in the UK that are known to this day to have great night life, especially party life are as follows:

  1. Leeds (Top place for parties indoors outdoors, on the roof of ya house and more!)

  2. Manchester (A buzzing large town, nightlife never stops.)

  3. Newcastle (Infamous party town, Geordie Shore?!)

  4. Liverpool (Ever since winning the Premier League and Champions League nightlife and university party life is amazing!)

  5. Cardiff (The Welsh are hardcore. No cap.)

These are 5 of many great universities with great student nightlife and student party life. We chose these 5 based on personal recommendations from many people.

Let us know what other Universities you think are great for partying in the UK!

Take care!

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