The Top 5 Best Partying Universities in the UK 2021!

Parties are what take your university experience from good to amazing, nights out are often where brotherhoods and families are created. Nothing like abit of flat bonding at pres and a solid night out... But what are the best and hardest parting universities in the UK? Because after all you do not what to go to a boring UK University in 2021...

1. The University of Leeds

During my time at UoY I often went down to the university of Leeds. I went to several great parties at Leeds thanks to my good mate Ali P and it definitely lived up to its reputation of being one of the best partying Universities in the UK. The music was loud, people stayed till the early hours of the morning and continued on the "sesh" through day up until a D n B night out in the local warehouse. Hardcore weekend to say the least.

2. The University of Cardiff