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The Top 10 Universities in the UK According to UK University Students in 2021!

Recently, Student Vlogs - Dylan ran a live stream where he asked the viewers to help him complete a University tier list ranking UK Universities in order from best to worst for 2021 students at University and for those going to University.


Student Vlogs Dylan wrote that the aim of the live stream was as follows :

"Today in this Livestream I complete the tier list challenge for every Russell Group University in the UK and a few other UK Universities with the help of you guys! This University tier list and Uni rankings will be done by students for students!!! All of the Russell Group Universities in the UK... The University of Cambridge, Oxford, Exeter, York, Birmingham, Manchester, and more along with others like Loughborough University based on the which uk Universities have the best nightlife, academics, courses, people, campus funny stories, and more!"

The results of his livestream were surprising with the top 10 Universities in the UK according to students being....

  1. The London School of Economics

  2. Imperial College London

  3. Cambridge University

  4. Manchester University

  5. Leeds University

  6. University College London

  7. Durham University

  8. Loughborough University

  9. Warwick University

  10. York University

There may be some inherent bias in his following but it is hard to tell, amassing over 1,500views throughout the livestream and 4,000 after the video has given clarity to some students about what universities they should pick and left some wondering if they put down the best University for them in 2021....

Thanks for reading "The Top 10 Universities in the UK According to UK University Students in 2021!",

Take care :)