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The Pros and Cons of Studying Abroad at University In the United Kingdom 2022/2023

Every year students from all over the world start their studies in many universities in the United Kingdom. As a well-known country and one of the very diverse ones, the United Kingdom is a host to many cultural diverse students, and in very different fields of study, like medicine, arts, history, and many others. No matter if it is at the beginning or just like an student exchange, this experience is one of a lifetime.

Studying in the United Kingdom is a great opportunity for students willing to have their international experience. But there is a must – the English language. The level of English language must be at least C1 or higher. This kind of certificate can be taken in their own country, in a language school. If this is solved, students can enjoy easily navigable cities. Lifestyle in the United Kingdom is easygoing and comfortable, with a lot of cups of tea and divisive couture.


1. The UK has a lot of excellent universities

The best universities worldwide are in the UK. They offer a lot of extra curriculum activities, and a lot of other courses, except the major of the study. The most famous of them are: Imperial College London, University of Cambridge, University of Edinburgh, and University College London. Universities from the UK are best in their medicine, arts, history and other humanities courses. Beside those mentioned, there are more than 100 universities to choose from. When deciding which university to choose, students can use QS World University Rankings, where are different rankings for different subjects.

2. Students come from all over the world

A huge part of the people that live and study in the UK come from quite different countries. An approximation is that about 10 million of people are not Native English. This means the students that are planning to study in the UK will get in touch with different cultures. This is specifically a case with the capital – London, where around 40 percent of the population is from outside of the UK.

3. Support for international students

With all online support, there is also support via the local government or a special student staff, and they can guide you to the full application process. For example, the whole setup in the international students, like a phone line made for answering questions for tuition, academic support, housing, extra-curriculum courses, etc. It is best to call and get all the information before applying to the given university.

The UK Council for International Student Affairs, is a body for international students and has information about different issues, like studies, housing, immigration, working, mental health. Also, there is a phone line for inquires of students who work 24/7.

4. Study in the UK and improve your English

Contacting with different cultures in English only, will improve the language skill. You will get familiar with different British accents, like Irish, English, Scottish and Welsh. And because English is their Native language, you will be under the influence of the language for all times there. Also, the UK, as one of the most diverse countries, students are exposed to different accents, and students can not have that experience in their countries.

5. Job opportunities after graduation

The school system allows the students to have hands-on experiences in companies even before graduation. In that manner, you can easily be employed in some of the companies where you gained experience. The universities are open to collaboration and talents are noticed. This is very different from some cultures where universities are closed and do not contact directly with the companies. In the UK, even the research is made with the collaboration of the private sector from the same industry. This is a great advantage and possibility to gain international working experience.

6. It is a great country to live

Several world rankings say that living in the UK is pretty good. They are measuring different issues, like education, jobs, skills, connections. On those measurements, the UK is better than the average and is much considered by international students.


Stressful Study:

Because of versatile studying conditions and a large practical work outside the university, leaves almost no time even for sleeping when students must prepare for exams. Everything must be learned in shorter period and that is harder. If students deal also with a professor with a higher standard, it will add up the stress.

Students must make decisions about their careers almost at the start of studies:

One great difference between the normal European education even in high school is to choose your career path in the middle years. This is not the case in other countries in the EU, not even in the USA. In the USA, students can even change their major in the universities.


If an international student wants to open a bank account in the UK, he/she will need a letter from the college. The college will provide the letter at the beginning of the lectures and during the registrations. Also, the student will need a local doctor, and this is also arranged via the UK university. These formalities add up to the things that students must do in the UK.

Shorter Studies:

Shorter studies can be an issue. The studies in the UK are 3 years, and in other countries are minimum of 4 years long. This can make it harder to absorb all the knowledge or to become a long-term one.

Applying for visa

Applying for a visa can be a longer process, so the students which want to study in the UK must apply at least six months before they want to apply for the university. This can be challenging, especially for the poorer country, because it is considered that their knowledge of English is lower. Also, the students from a poorer country can be declined from the embassy for other reasons unrelated to a serious problem in the application. It is a risk for those students, and many times they can be approved for the visa after the second application.

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Written by Israt90 for Mr Univeristy

*Note, prices change over time, information here is opinion and all information should be fact checked*