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The Only Person I Listen to For Investing Advice

I’m a football journalist with an interest in investing and the stock market. So don’t listen to my advice on investing.

Instead, listen to Warren Buffett. If you don’t know who he is, he’s the most successful investor of all time. According to Forbes, he’s worth over $80 billion, and is the fourth richest person on the planet. And that’s after donating billions of dollars to charity.

He owns Berkshire Hathaway, an investing company worth over $500 billion, and he’s been winning on the stock market since the 1950s. That’s right, he’s 89-years-old and is still going strong in the financial world!

Anyway, my point is that there is so much rubbish on the internet about trading and investing. Self-proclaimed stock market ‘gurus’ who never seem to utter a word about whether they’ve even made a dime on the market or not themselves, are ushering out their advice to millions of people online.

But if there’s one thing I’ve learned, it’s to not listen to them. Last year, when I first came across trading, I lost a few hundred pounds by putting into practice the advice of these trading educators. A foolish move, I know.

But when I got into investing again a few weeks ago, I simply sought the advice of the best of the best: Warren Buffett. After all, why listen to anybody other than the best in the world?

His strategy suggests long-term investing into the best companies in the world, who’s revenue increases year on year, and has clear potential to grow even more. Basically, his advice was the complete opposite of what I’d heard before: trade short-term, to make really big gains quickly, and don’t even bother looking into the fundamentals of a company. God, I really can’t believe I bought into that rubbish…

So ultimately, the purpose of this article is simply to issue a warning. These trading ‘gurus’ are earning money out of a course or coaching service whereby they get paid to teach people how to trade. But if you think about it, they wouldn’t even need to create courses if they earned enough already from the stock market. You don’t see Warren Buffett running a course online after all. He gives out his advice for free in interviews. You can find most of them of YouTube. Just don’t get sucked into watching all the other ‘guru’ advice on there.

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