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The Best UK Universities to Study Abroad at In 2022! (Top 6 Unis for International Students)

Studying abroad is a very rewarding and fun experience. Students often come from different countries in the world and can learn a new language. They also experience a culture quite different from theirs and explore an environment different than theirs.

If students choose to study in the UK, that means a couple of things. Firstly, knowing English at a high level is a must. Second, the United Kingdom has a huger, long and very interesting history and modern cities. The United Kingdom is strongly connected to other developed European countries, which will give the students the possibility to travel by plane or by train and explore those countries in their spare time. But, we must have in mind that traveling is not the main reason to study in the UK. One of the most interesting and universities with a long tradition are in the UK.

All of them have their specific curriculum to learn, also outside curriculum activities, and are set in a variety of cities. Depending on what students aim to experience, choosing the right university for them can be tricky.

Living costs in the UK for students depend, in smaller cities the budget is around 1000 EUR, but in bigger cities like London even over 1500 EUR per month. Universities have campuses or other ways to accommodate their students. This cuts the expenses for students, especially for students who are just starting their studies abroad. Afterward, many of the students rent flats, alone or with peers, a more comfortable but also more expensive renting solution. Prices range from around 600 GBP a month for renting a flat for one person in the periphery, up to around 800 GBP a month for renting a flat for one person in the center. Food costs. Around GBP per month are spend on food in the UK for a single person (student). If the student eats outside or order food, this can be more expensive.

In this article, learn about the best ones in the UK, so you can choose where to get your degree:

University of Glasgow

It's campus is in the West End, a very vivid and diversely part of the city. With its bars, boutiques, and cultural places, this part of the town is great for new experiences. Offers a multitude of studies: dental, chemistry, up to computing sciences and arts. Has affordable prices and maximum quality.

University of Manchester

Great research and discoveries are made from students of this university. Students will put ahead of the competitions. There is a support center for beginning start-ups from students. International students are getting immigration support from an adviser.

Research is a part of their vision for the future. The available data for undergraduate studies are given on their open days. Also, there are a lot of short courses and special programs for mature students.

University of Edinburgh

This is one of the UK's most old universities. One of the most interesting support in this university is the Pre-sessional English course, which is meant for students before they start their studies. It is a very important, so the international students will be better adjusted to the new environment. These programs are offered on-site, and are offered as two types and are depended on students' previous knowledge of the English language.

London School of Economics and Political Science

Beside the standard graduation and post-graduation studies, variety of summer courses, like as accounting, economics, English language, Law, and others are offered. This exciting range can be used as credit points for degrees in other universities. Most of the students in this university are international one, so the diversity is high. Also has a high level of international quotations and research.


This university has a wide range of opportunities for study. Students can choose whether they want to focus on their major, or explore also other topics in different areas. The main areas where international students can get their degrees are: International Social and Political Sciences, Health, linguistics, Psychology, Statistical Sciences, Management. There are also Planning and Computer Sciences, which are opened to be learned via reciprocal partnerships. This university was the very first university to have a female quota under the same conditions as men.

Imperial College London

Imperial College London, of its full name - the Imperial College of Science, Technology and Medicine, is a research university. This university is imperial because it was a vision of Prince Albert. He also founded the Royal Albert Hall, Natural History Museum, Victoria & Albert Museum. There are several campuses included in this College, like South Kensington, Silwood Park and White City. The College includes the Faculty of Engineering, Faculty of Natural Sciences, Faculty of Medicine and Business School.

The Imperial Magazine gives information from experts, some insights and tells stories about student life, information for engineering, mathematics and medicine.

This is an outside curriculum project, and is published 2 times a year. A good way to learn good writing and researching. The magazine is free, with over 100.000 alumni, with a digital version with the possibility to download. Students can be really engaged in what they study with Engagement Academy, where they can develop their skills. They are developing their ideas there and really engage with different methods and learn good practice.

With a multitude of opportunities, it is hard to make the right choice. All of these and many other universities have an officer for contacting. They also have web pages with some of their projects. When students make the list of opinions gained, they must consider lifestyle, costs of renting a flat and all costs of studying. This will help them to narrow down and finally make a choice.

No matter where students decide to study, they must follow also the other aspects of the study. This will help them achieve skills for further postgraduate programs or skills for employment. The universities in the UK are maybe more expensive, but they offer transfers from other universities for a longer or shorter timeframe. Having an international student experience is vital for enlarging knowledge.

Thank you for reading "

Written by Israt90 for Mr Univeristy

*Note, prices change over time, information here is opinion and all information should be fact checked*