Revealed: Top Tips To Avoid Burglary at UK University (And Life in General)

‘When there is an abundance of Apple products and an absence of common sense, burglaries and theft become the norm.’ – Confucius (not actually Confucius but what I imagine he would have said had he have been a fresher)

Student areas are constant hotspots for burglary and theft up and down the country in big cities and small university towns alike. It’s safe to say that nearly every university student has either been burgled, or at least knows someone who has been. However, for such an endemic problem there seems to be an absence of comprehensive guides online specifically designed for students to protect themselves from burglary and theft.

Therefore, I have compiled seven tried and tested tips to avoid burglary and theft at university. The tips listed below are a mixture of ones developed by myself and those I have found through researching home security. These methods have been successfully used by those in Survivalist and Self Defence groups alongside myself (The only person who robbed me at university was the Student Loans Company). Some of them are rooted in common sense, whilst others are more obscure, yet nonetheless are equally as effective.

Without further ado let’s begin: