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Proprep: The Perfect Learning Resource For Studying STEM Subjects At University

Admin: Today's blog post is about and sponsored by Proprep who are currently working along side Student Vlogs to spread the word about their resources!!

If you’re studying a STEM subject at university ProPrep can help. They offer online video tutorials, online textbooks, practice problems and solutions created by professors that are customised to your exact syllabus!

Currently Proprep is completely free for the rest of the academic year so we caught up with them to find out more! {the following is from todays sponsors}

Why Use Proprep?

University life can be hard work. Aside from lectures, exams, revision and challenging assignments, we know how tough it is to fit in the fun stuff and not let your grades slip. Which is why Proprep is the helping hand you need.

Make your life easier

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Our aim is to make your life easier, reduce academic stress and improve the understanding of challenging materials in a time-efficient, student-friendly way. We know what we are doing as we have already helped over 500k students over the last 10 years and can ensure you have all the resources and tutorials you need to get the results you want.

The key is our easy-to-use personalised system of STEM video content and study guides. This powered by a technology that customises STEM courses according to the specific needs of your university.

How we do it?

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University professors create our library of tutorials and we have over 3.5k+ courses and 60k+ videos on offer. As well as a vast selection of textbooks and study guides with every single concept broken down into bite-sized modules (the optimal way to learn according to neuroscientists).

Each video tutorial is created by going through the different syllabi of each course, with each department in each university. We then assemble video tutorials that will offer you the exact materials at the level you need. You also receive a course textbook, study guides and practise exams based on your professor’s testing style. All of which means your all your academic bases are covered.

Knowing this information is there at your fingertips also means you can cover the work you need to do, at your own speed and in your own time. This not only helps you tackle tougher subject areas with more confidence but will also enable you to practice as much as you need to. Best of all, as we help you study in a smarter way you can save time and have more time to enjoy student life.

Get the most out of university life.

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Depending on your learning style, you can choose to binge-watch a whole series at once (Probability box set anyone?) or pick and mix the topics you need help with when you need them. This allows you to master any STEM subject in 3 simple steps:

  1. Watch the video tutorials

  2. Solve the practice problems

  3. Check your work against the video solutions

Also the best part is that, in response to the outbreak of Covid19, we have now opened up all our customised learning resources for free to all students until the end of the academic year. All you need to set up your account is an email address, no credit card details required, which you can do by clicking here and use code DYLAN!

Thank you for reading!

*Disclaimer: The above was a paid promotional post in partnership with ProPrep