Proprep: The Perfect Learning Resource For Studying STEM Subjects At University

Admin: Today's blog post is about and sponsored by Proprep who are currently working along side Student Vlogs to spread the word about their resources!!

If you’re studying a STEM subject at university ProPrep can help. They offer online video tutorials, online textbooks, practice problems and solutions created by professors that are customised to your exact syllabus!

Currently Proprep is completely free for the rest of the academic year so we caught up with them to find out more! {the following is from todays sponsors}

Why Use Proprep?

University life can be hard work. Aside from lectures, exams, revision and challenging assignments, we know how tough it is to fit in the fun stuff and not let your grades slip. Which is why Proprep is the helping hand you need.

Make your life easier