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Modelling in 2018: The Inside Perspective

Now, as some of you may know, I have been signed to the modelling agency Named Models London since the end of 2016. Often they send us on test shoots in order to expand our portfolios; last week I went on an incredibly memorable test shoot. The shoot was by an up and coming fashion student named Callum who has worked with Germanys leading indie magazine ‘Kaltblut’, and several other renowned publications. I was selected personally for his shoot. Also on hand for the project was a very talented photographer named Lao.

The thing that made this such an interesting shoot was the items of clothing i was wearing. All dark and edgy, this is evident in the photos below. Now although I’d rather be standing outside Nando's on a main road in London modelling sportswear I didn’t really have a say in the matter. I simply just focused down the lens of the camera and ignored spectators I could see from the corner of my eye.

In 2018 modelling is really pushing social norms and experimental boundaries and experiencing it from the inside is such a valuable but daunting experience. Below is an image from the behind the scenes video of the shoot and you can probably see the edgy side of it. Now I believe the photos to be unique but you can probably guess how I've already been roasted in the group chat for it.

Dylan Reeves-Fellows

Now not by any means I am a big shot model, my look is not the one that brings home the big ad campaigns, it’s more of a hobby, something interesting and rewarding to do. But from the inside I can say that modelling is not always as glamorous as it may look. For example on this shoot I was outside an estate in London, had fellas of all ages watching me modelling what they perceived as ‘strange’ clothing. To top it off the weather was freezing and I was getting changed in and around the estate, while people walk past thinking "what is this guy doing". One of the hardest things about this shoot was not getting distracted by people as they walked past when I was trying to ‘model’.

I can honestly say that this shoot was built my character and level of not caring when people are watching to an all new level. In regards to the shoot, I don't think I would like to do a darker shoot than this but if you don't try you don't know. And by the way I did not know what the contents of the shoot were before the shoot. Next time I’ll probably ask before I attend. For test shoots the pay is also zero. Fashions shows and branded campaigns are where the money is at. However for them you often have to go to castings based in London to even have a chance. Unfortunately where I am based in York, going to castings is not really ideal due to the time it takes, the train expenses and my current need to focus on exams.

The Link below should redirect you to me talking about the shoot in more detail on my YouTube channel and will also let you see the behind the scenes video of the shoot. The other should hopefully take you to the full magazine feature where you can see all the photos.

Thanks for reading!

YouTube channel -

Full Magazine feature -

{Edited by Owen Hanley}