Is Doing An Economics Degree at University a Good Choice? (Review of an Economics&Finance Degree)

I graduated from the graduated from the University of York in 2020. I studied for 3-years to get a 2:1 in Economics and Finance degree. It's coming up to a year since I graduated and I think now is the perfect time to reflect on has my degree. Has a Economics degree been useful? Do I miss studying Economics? Have I used my Economics degree knowledge in everyday life?

The simple answer is yes... My degree has been one of the most useful experiences that I've ever undertaken. I feel like the knowledge that I learnt from my degree has truly enabled me to think clearly rationally and make better life decisions. This is because economics is essential to everyday life, as it changes your perspective on money it changes your and money is involved in everything.

Since finishing my degree Ive used the terms learnt in everyday language, revisited my notes when investing in the stock market, and seen how concepts learnt and discussed during lectures are apparent in every day life. Often the news talks about interest rates, bubbles, the 2009 housing crash, new economics policy and thanks to my degree I understand it all and can offer input.