How To Start Investing in Stocks and Shares as a Student (2021)

Often we get asked about investing in stocks and shares as student. How to do it, how to get free shares when signing up and whats the best brokers to use for investing. In 2020 investing became huge given the rise of Gamestop and the rise of Tesla amongst other catalysts. That rise in demand for investing has continued in to 2021!

As students have little cash available we believe students don't want to be spending money on commission to buy and sell stocks like apple for example - as that can eat away at your funds.

Therefore we believe the best brokers to invest in stocks and shares as a student are ones that charge no commission. Here in the UK they are Freetrade and Trading212

So if you want to / was about to / planned to sign up to an investing broker one of the best ones to use as a student is Freetrade. Commission free trading, open an account with £1 +, easy to use platform for beginners and you get a free Share worth between "£3-£200" when signing up which is even better as a student! Sign up here using this link to get the free share