How to pick the best university for you

It is that time of year when students across the UK have the big task of deciding which university they want to attend at least three years of their lives at. Last year I was in the same situation, bombarded through the mail with prospectuses from various universities and was swarmed with YouTube adverts from institutions I had never heard of, all vying for my £9250 investment. Whether you are certain which university you want to attend or are completely unsure, I have compiled a list of things you should consider before you make your decision in the coming months.

City or campus

Your university experience will be different whether you decide to go to a campus university or a city university. At a campus university, the university is situated all on one site, with student accommodation, teaching and research facilities, as well as leisure activities all together. The benefits of a campus university is that there can be a greater sense of community. All the friends you make, at least for the first year, will be in one place and it makes organising and socialising a lot more convenient and easier. However, campus universities are usually a lot further away from the nearby town or city– the bus from Warwick University to nearby Coventry takes 30 minutes – so there is a chance that when you leave campus after first year you will be not quite prepared to live on your own in the city. A city university experience has the advantage that something will always be happening nearby. When you live in a city, concerts, art exhibits and museums are all around you, and you aren’t limited to the small off-license on campus, as you can trek to a larger supermarket if you want to. The downside of a city university though is all this choice may result in you spending a bit more money on excursions and being distracted from your studies due to the endless events around you. If you choose to go to a city university, you should keep one eye on the bank balance and ensure you are keeping on top of your workload.

Visit the university