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How to Invest in Crypto Currencies as a Student in 2021 (Crypto Boom)

Recently the Crypto boom has led to many people asking for an article on how to invest in Crypto currency as a beginner, as a student and as someone who is new to the game. Today here at Student Ear are going to explain how you can invest in Bitcoin, Doge Coin and other Crypto currencies in a simple way where you can also earn rewards and free Crypto for signing up using our referral links.

1. Firstly, the most beginner friendly broker (in our opinion) to buy Crypto on is Coinbase! On here you can buy all of the mainstream Cryptos and its very simple to do. You top up and then hit buy! Tap Tap Tap! The sign up process takes a day to get verfied but the process is guided and easy to follow. This site is simple, beginner friendly and offers great rewards. You can get Free $10 + $40 worth of Crypto once you sign up to Coinbase using my referral link - “" and spend $100 on Crypto. Also by completing free surveys to earn up to $40 of free Crypto (link to a video explaining the simple process of earning free Crypto ) . As a student getting money from referral bonus is very useful!

2. Secondly Crypto. Com is another great broker for student investors. They offer $25 free Crypto on sign up and you can obtain a Crypto visa card that gives you free spotify and 2% cash back on most purchases like vodka making it perfect for students (You have to do is stake £300 in cro to get these rewards)! Also you can get the free 1% cash back Crypto Visa Card once you sign up (for free)which is better than nothing and great for university students in our opinion (you should research staking, risks and other associate information within relation to this)!. “Use my referral link to sign up for and we both get $25 USD :)”

3. (Advanced) Finally, Binance, if you are keen to invest in some smaller coins, alt coins and other Crypto assets then Binance is for you. They are a large broker where you are able to trade so many different Cryptos. It takes some time to get used to but in the end its worth understanding the fundamentals of the app as it will also enhance your Crypto space knowledge as the app is rather complex at times. (5% fees discount if you sign up using my link *reward may be better at times)

Thank you for reading and hopefully this has given you some avenue of what to look into if you are looking at investing in Crypto as a beginner with no prior experience and no knowledge of how to invest in Bitcoin.

Take Care,

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