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How To Get a First In your University Degree! (Top 5 Working Ways!)

Here are the best 5 ways to get a first at university:

1. Put a focus on making the best grades

Maximize your efforts in to get excellent grades. You should tend to have all the best grades, not just occasional success, and lower grades for the other subjects.

Motivate yourself to have better grades. Try some motivational techniques to be more focused during the classes and in the flat where you live. If the goals are huge, divide them in smaller ones, and then gradually achieve them. Reward yourself for every achievement. No matter if it is a small tour through the city, or a cup of your favorite latte, everything counts. To have good grades, also always plan ahead and have enough time before the deadline. Try not to be an all-nighter, because the grades can be lower and you can achieve the best results. So, nothing should be left for the last moments to be learned, even if you are good with short deadlines.

Making focus in the studies also means to actively listen ant participate in the class. This can be challenging for students from first years of study or simply shy students. If you participate actively, this will only show that you are not simply there, but you also listen to the class with great focus. This can also improve your knowledge in the field, so when you start to learn from the book, many things will be familiar. Also a good thing to do is to seat closer to the teacher, so they will see you are more interested in their subject.

2. Doing research

If you want to get a first, you must consider all the books and notes for the subject, and also find books and materials for the subject outside the recommended list. This can take a lot of your free time, but having this kind of degree needs extra effort.

Read the extra curriculum books in your spare time, and read only what is important for the particular subject. Also, read that in different days, not to forget what have you read.

Search through the internet, and make this every day, so you can get familiar with the topic on a global level. This will make you have your own opinion, and not just following the professor. Also, you can take another book from the same subject area and compare with the book from your university.

3. Use books from a library

The libraries are maybe old fashioned, but have a huge value. Often, the most basic issues and basic themes are described in those books or researches. This can be very valuable resource even when you are trying to write an essay.

Use only books and sources which confirm your idea. Make notes from the book used, but we strongly suggest to also write the author and other references, and even maybe the code from the library. In this manner, when you will put a quote or talk about the source in your essays, you will easily put the references. And if you need to check again, you will search only the code.

In every library, there is a lot of peace and quiet, so if you bring a laptop – you will easily write the essays there. Be a member of the university library, but also try to find a library which is in the town or the city.

As a student who wants to stand out, eventually, these places will become familiar with, and most handy if you are living with other students.

You can also put notes of the books of the year, so you could easily make the “history” of the subject, and pay attention of how some idea was developed before. This eye-catching detail can give you extra points, and also help with getting the best grade.

4. Finding a tutor

This part is a tricky one, especially if you are not having a lot to spend.When studying in a specific field, try to get in touch with best students from your institute. This will be helpful for them, getting extra money for what they are familiar with, and you, because you will spend less for a tutor.

Make sessions with the tutor as much as he/she have opportunity. It is important to make notes with different questions, to improve the idea and to make better impression with your essays or on the exams.

If you still want an expert tutor, fees vary. Many of the professionals in your area of study work in the field. So you will get the knowledge first hand.

5. Make your health a priority

In a university, as your new home, you are the only one who can take care of your own health. Try to make pauses while studying and making essays. Otherwise you would easily burn out. Eventually, you won’t make good grades or even make you quit.

Make healthy food choices. As hard as can this sound, your brain needs you to eat healthy food and the one with all the right minerals and vitamins it needs. Best food to eat is walnut (it even looks like the brain). Eat sugars in low quantities. They are giving energy in short period, but are very bad for your health. Also, please avoid energy drinks, because long usage of these can make problems with your heart.

Making short pauses if needed. Find a good movie to watch or just to relax. If you are keeping the good work and are on time with essays or other assignments, do not press yourself to learn the whole time.

Possible burnout. Emotions are also on the list for the overall health. If you feel that something is wrong with your emotions, feel free to ask for help in the university, or to the psychologist in the city. Balance the mind and emotions, so you would not take too much pressure on you.

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