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How To Choose Student Accommodation In The UK?

As a student, you'll want to make the most of your time at university. It's not just about studying hardand getting good grades; it's also about having fun and making new friends. If you're going to be studying in the United Kingdom, you'll need a place to live. It can be hard to find an affordable apartment or house close to where your classes are, but it's not impossible. Student accommodation in Sheffield is a great way to meet new people and get settled into your university life quickly. There are many different options available to you when looking for student accommodation, such as private halls or shared accommodation through universities. In this guide, we'll explain all the points to consider when looking for student accommodation so that you can make an informed decision about where to live when you study abroad.

Different Types Of Student Accommodation

There are a number of different types of student accommodation to choose from, including:

  • Student Halls - these are typically provided by your university or college, and offer shared kitchens and bathrooms as well as access to laundry rooms. If you're living in this type of accommodation then you'll likely be living with other students who share your course or year level at the same institution

  • Private Halls - these differ from those provided by your university or college because they're not owned by them; instead, they're run independently by private companies on their own land

  • Bedroom Rentals - this may sound similar to student homes but there are some key differences: one is that tenants usually don't have access to who else lives in the house; another difference is that renting only involves paying rent rather than having utility bills included too

Know Your Personal Requirements

Before you start looking at student accommodation, make sure you have a good idea of what you want from your living situation. What is it that you need from your accommodation? Do you want to be close to campus or in the centre of town? Are there any facilities that are important to you, such as gyms or shared kitchens and dining areas? You will also need to consider things like the amount of space available, internet access, and whether there is a washing machine and dryer on site.

Don't just go by price; look at the location, facilities, and student reviews. There are some great websites where students can share their experiences of living in certain accommodation options, so it's worth doing some research before signing up for anything!

What About Facilities?

One other thing to consider when choosing student accommodation is the facilities. In addition to having access to a kitchen, living room and bathroom, it's important that your accommodation has enough bedrooms for each person who lives there. The size of rooms will also be an important factor; if you're sharing with others, you'll need enough space for everyone's belongings—and some spare space! The age of the building will affect its energy efficiency, so try to find out if it has been renovated recently.

Location Is Important

Location is important for a wide range of reasons. As a student, your main priority will be to study, so it’s essential that you find student accommodation in Manchester an area that is close to where you are going to study. This makes travelling between classes easier and also reduces travel time costs. If there are any other facilities nearby (such as shops or supermarkets), this will make life easier too! It's also important to consider the safety and security of your new home: what kind of neighbourhood do they live in? How late does the local shop stay open? And how safe is their building itself?

Measures For Your Security And Safety

While it's important to consider your budget and the location of the accommodation, you should also make sure that the authority guarantees your security and safety when living there. Make sure that the accommodation provider has a good reputation and is regulated by local or national authorities. Check if there are any complaints against the accommodation provider, as well as reviews from previous customers.

Stay Away From Dodgy Places

When you're looking for student accommodation, it's important to be aware of any red flags. If a place has a lot of bad reviews online, that should be an immediate warning sign. It's also important to trust your instincts. If you don't feel like it's right for you, then walk away! If a landlord is pressuring you into signing something before they've given all their details—or if there are clauses in their contract which seem very strange and make no sense—then trust yourself and don't sign anything!

Let's Not Forget About Transport And Commute

The best student accommodation is the one that provides you with quick, easy access to public transport. If you choose to have your housing a city like London, Manchester, or Birmingham and have a long commute to work every day, then it's important for your student accommodation to be near a tube station so that you can avoid the traffic on the roads.


We hope this article has given you a good overview of student accommodation and the different types available. There is no doubt that paying for accommodation in the UK can be a challenging experience. However, if you plan and do your research, it will make things much easier when it comes time to move out into your own place.

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