How to Build Muscle and Grades!

Student life, gym gains… it’s common to have one and not the other. So how’d you find the time? Easy. Just stop going to all your lectures and drop out of uni, but seriously all jokes aside, for first years it’s a case of finding time around your study schedule. I may not go to university myself but I’ve been using the same ideas since I started sixth form and they’ve definitely had their desired impact.

From friends, I know that Student life can be one hectic lifestyle where dependant on your course choice and extra-curricular commitments (if you do any) can leave you with almost no free time to stay fit. So let me give you a couple tips to you guys and girls that want to stay fit alongside your studies, but don’t know where to begin.

Here’s a couple tips for you guys that just want to keep a good level a fitness while at uni that can prevent you from putting on the pounds from constant nights out clubbing and the tempting Friday takeaway or two (if you’re living that luxury uni lifestyle)