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How can I get into UK University in 2022/2023? (Get Into UK Uni Guide!)

Are you an aspirant who is looking for ways to get into a reputed university in the UK to pursue your dreams? Are you in the search of a University which will help you to grow to the highest potential in your field of interest? Then without any further due, let’s discuss how we can get you into the right University.

If you have discussed with your friends, family, and teachers about all the courses and training programs that you would like to attend at the University, and you are clear about which stream you would take on, then now, we can discuss the application process to getting you into one of the Universities.

Registration through UCAS

The UCAS (Universities and Colleges Admission Services) is an independent administration that provides information and admission services for full-time undergraduate study in the Universities of UK.

It will help and guide you like a mentor about the numerous course programs available in different universities so

that you can decide which course program is most appropriate for you.

If you are a student in a school or college, then you can register through two processes i.e., either by registering and completing your application by using the UCAS online system or your school /college can register and then send it directly to UCAS.

If you are an international student trying to study in the UK, or if you have left college, then you have to register with UCAS through their online system. The Universities provide many opportunities for international students. You can check your eligibility for scholarship programs However, students who come from outside the EU(European Union) and EEA(European Economic Area) are not eligible for loans and grants. Therefore, you need to pay the full course fee at UK Universities. If you belong to a non-English speaking country, then you need to take the language test to prove your advanced English speaking efficiency.

Name of the tests that you need to face are:

IELTS Academic


C1 Advanced

PTE Academic

Some of the top UK Universities that you can apply to are:

University of Portsmouth

The University of Edinburgh

University of Birmingham

University of Nottingham

University of Leeds

Durham University

University of South Wales

Coventry University

University of Bristol

University application through UCAS

By visiting the UCAS Students page, the online applications can be filled for full-time undergraduate programs. You can select 5 courses at different Universities. 30th June 2022 is the final deadline for the submission of the application to the UCAS.

For single choice applications, the fee is 22Euros, increasing to 26Euros for two applications or more. The payment can be made to your college or the UCAS directly.

The pre-requisites before the application deadline are :

Fill in the details regarding your qualifications and selected courses.

Your personal statement.

A reference letter from your teacher or professor regarding your academic performance.

UCAS application paid receipt.

Entry requirements of Universities

Every university sets its requirements based on the demands of the courses. They usually consider grades in all subjects, previous qualifications, and GCSE results. They usually go for students they think are academically suitable for that particular course. They also consider your performance at the university interview and other information regarding your health or Disclosure and Barring Service checks

Deadlines of UCAS application 2022

15 October 2021- for applications regarding medicines, veterinary medicine science, or dentistry.

26th January 2022- for applications related to the majority number of courses.

19th May 2022-for decisions regarding applications submitted by 26th January.

30th June 2022- no applications will be received after this date.

14th July 2022- for decisions regarding applications submitted by 30th June 2022.

9th August 2022- for result day of SQA

Application Tracking

You can track the progress of your application by logging into UCAS Track. You need to sign in with your user ID and password. In this system, you will be able to check invitations for interviews or if you can get any offers for the courses. You will be notified regarding any changes made to your application via email so that you don’t miss out on any important updates. This system allows you to check for updates from time to time so that you don’t always have to call the universities for updates. The sign-in process is also very user-friendly and simple.

Directly applying to the University

For part-time or distant learning degrees, you can search on the UCAS website for different courses, between July and September. You will have to directly contact the University to apply.

Offers from Universities

You will get a notification email regarding the offers provided by Universities if they find you eligible for such an offer.

There are four types of offers:





To add more courses through the UCAS Extra service, you can choose to decline all the offers.

Student Finance

If you are a student suffering from financial issues, then do not worry. There are many loan options provided to the students for their study courses like maintenance loans, tuition fee loans, and non-repayable grants. You can easily apply for loans from banks. These initiatives help many students to move forward in their careers. Your location in the UK will decide your eligibility for the loans.

Results day

A-level result day becomes important for those who have received offers related to exam results. In 2022, that day falls on 18th August 2022. The Adjustment option enables you to go for better courses if you perform better than expected.


If you are looking for opportunities to study at UK universities, then you need to follow the above-mentioned procedures to get into your desired university and courses. Also, if you are a student from a different nation, you can follow the simple steps that are discussed above so that nothing can stop you from entering your dream university. The student loan policies will help you to tackle your problems regarding financial matters. Therefore, do not miss the deadlines of application dates if you want to grab the opportunity.

Apply as early as possible!

Thank you for reading "How can I get into UK University in 2022/2023? (Get Into UK Uni Guide!)"

Written by Israt90 for Mr Univeristy

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