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Since the globe first fell into Covid-19 lockdown in March 2020, a lot has changed. One of the most striking developments for university students has been the enormous disturbance to campus life.

Several students are returning to campuses for the first time in a long time as many universities begin to open up to face-to-face teaching. Some of you may be eager to return to campus, while others may be more hesitant โ€“ and both feelings are understandable.

As we adjust to these changes, there are a few things to bear in mind.

It's fine if everyone feels differently.

The most important thing to keep in mind as you return to campus life is that everyone's experiences and expectations will vary.

Considering the present situation, the university students need to carry some basic protection measures with them. There are some items students can add to their university packing list. here is a list of items particularly important after Covid 19 as we are in 2022 now.

These are

โ— Thermometer: We must all take personal responsibility for monitoring ourselves for COVID-19 signs and symptoms in this setting. This is something you should do every day before leaving your dorm room or when you enter into the university campus. Even if you're feeling well, a fast temperature check is a simple method to monitor your health.

โ— Face Masks: Face mask is the most important thing that you have to carry no matter what, after COVID 19. You can always carry some extra masks in your bag. But the question is how many do you need? We recommend at least two, but you'll definitely want more. Do keep that it mind for sure.

โ— Hand sanitizer: As the world is just recovered from the unbelievable Covid 19. But still some of the countries still getting Covid-19 positive so as still we arenโ€™t fully safe, therefore All the intuitions have Hand sanitizer on their door and even inside of their institutions. Same goes for the university campus. Youโ€™ll see it around campus, but youโ€™ll also want your own. Get a big bottle and a small travel size to refill and carry with you for your own safety.

If you're starting university this September for the first time, you'll most likely spend the weeks leading up to your departure feverishly trying to figure out what to bring with you.

Depending on whether you're a heavy packer or not, it's easy to overspend when deciding what to bring to university, especially if you want to be ready for anything. But keep in mind that university life isn't all that dissimilar from home life โ€“ except that you won't have a parent to straighten your favorite t-shirt or buy you toothpaste.

Things that every student could possibly need to take to university:

Important documents-

โ— Passport/student ID card.

โ— Driving License (if you have one)

โ— All official correspondence and the acceptance letter

โ— All student loan correspondence (to keep track of when your loan is due, and so you can follow up if necessary)

โ— Details of accommodation and contract.

โ— National insurance card/details

โ— Bank card

Keep all above documents either in your wallet (ID, bank card etc.) or in a safe place within your reach. Keep all your documents together so that, you can find when you need them.

Electricals -

โ— Laptop

โ— Mobile / iPad

โ— Phone charger

โ— Extension cable/s (handier than you might imagine)

โ— Headphones


โ— Pens and pencils.

โ— A4 size lined notepad.

โ— A4 binder.

โ— Highlighters.

โ— Post-it-notes.

โ— Calendar/Dairy.

โ— Paper clips.

โ— Sticky tape.

โ— Ruler.

โ— Course readers or other study books.

There are also some necessary things that you will need to take to university these are -

โ— Microwave oven for small spaces (1000 watts or less)

โ— Snacks

โ— One or two plastic-ware sets (plates, forks, etc.)

โ— Shower sandals and a shower tote to carry your toiletries

โ— Pillow

โ— Bedding for twins that is extra-long (can be found at most stores)

โ— Power strip with a fuse (surge protector)

โ— Umbrella

โ— A single towel set

โ— Hangers

โ— Laundry basket and other laundry-related items

โ— Alarm clock

โ— If you're lofting a bed, you'll need furniture for underneath it (79" or less in length)

If you want to work on campus, you'll need the original of your Social Security card and photo ID to fill out I-9 forms. You'll also need your photo ID to vote.

You may Also need some Basic things, which are:

โ— Reading lamp

โ— Water bottle (two or three)

โ— Box fan

โ— Area Rug

โ— If your hall does not have a water bottle filling station, bring a water filter pitcher.

โ— Workout attire and footwear

โ— Bandages, antibiotic ointment packets, tweezers, and pain relievers are included in this basic first aid kit.

If you plan on cooking for yourself, youโ€™ll need some basic kitchen equipment like-

โ— Saucepan and frying pan.

โ— A pot and a spoon.

โ— Baking tray.

โ— Oven globes.

โ— Tupperware container(s)

โ— Washing up liquid and sponge

โ— Recipe book

Health care-

โ— Prescriptions and personal medications

โ— Kit for basic first aid (e.g. pain relief tablets, plasters, cold and flu medication, allergy tablets, antibacterial lotion or spray)

โ— Information on your current GP and doctor's office

โ— Multivitamins on prescription and glasses.

Note: Early on in university life, all new university students should register with a local doctor's office. This will save you from having to queue for hours at a drop-in facility to fill out paperwork on the day you're sick.


โ— Small sewing kit.

โ— Books for personal reading.

โ— Games using a board or cards (e.g. Monopoly, Hungry Hippos or a pack of cards).

โ— Hair straighteners, hair dryers, etc.

โ— Bicycle (plus helmet and a strong lock).

If you're still confused about what to bring to university or whether you'll need to acquire anything ahead of time, consider attending with a very light burden. This will ensure that you don't buy anything unnecessary; after all, you'll be able to buy what you need once you've settled in, either on your own or with your new flat mates.

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