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"Easy" To Get Into London Universities for International Students 2022/2023 (Top 6)

London is the capital city of the United Kingdom. It dwells on the River Thames in southeast England. The City of London, with its ancient core and financial part, was founded by the Romans. Since the 19th century, this city has been a metropolis and developed around this core. London is made of several areas: Greater London, The City of Westminster, up to the west part of London.

London is one of the best cities worldwide to study, especially for international students. There is a difference between international students from the E.U. and the international students from the non-EU country. The cost can be higher, because the undergraduate studies are 3 years, instead of 4 in other countries, and Masters is only 1 year. The expenses for students can be cut down with different student discounts, like the 18+ Student Oyster photocard which gives 30 percent lower costs for traveling and seasonal cards. Other thing to be considered is not to live in the center of London, where the rent of a flat is higher. Also, living on campus will cut down costs. As an international student (outside the E.U.) the fees can go up around $ 50.000. London is expensive, so a lot of universities there offer a scholarship for talents in their field, trying to lower the expenses for tuition, and except more international students. Universities give prices for top students and try to retain the best talents like the next class of teachers or like inventors in their area of study.

With a lot of variety of cultures and a good environment suitable to everybody's taste, London is in the top cities for them.

Below are 6 Universities based In London that are easier to get into than the likes of ucl, lse, imperial college London which are the highly competitive London Universities. The Universities listed below are great for those who want to study In London but had no luck getting into the top London Universities.

1. Brunel University London

Their vivid is home to over 2000 international students, from more than 110 countries. It has more than 12.000 students and more than 3000 postgraduate students.

They accommodate the fresher in the first year on a campus (as a compulsory). In that manner, students become part of their "family" of international students. Has a huge number of studies, some of them are very specific, like Aerospace Enginering and Biomedical Sciences. Very approachable staff, and have an international program especially for international students. All students request can be answered in a period not shorter than 20 working days, because of the size of the University. As a responsible institution, it has the Freedom of Information Act, with an entitled person for giving information and responding promptly.


2. Birkbeck, University of London

This University offers evening classes with a special provider. Students can work during the day and then go to this University. This gives a unique experience for the students. School leavers are welcomed in any age, from 18 to 80. Evening studies are great for those who have obligations towards work and families. They even offer Ph.D. degrees. Working part-time and going to University at the same time is great for international students too because offers additional financing whilst learning. On their webpage, students can find information or information officer for entry requirements and also a visa.

3. City, University of London

It has a long tradition and only the best teachers are retained there, focusing on the further employability of the students. In that manner, attracts many international students to come and live in the U.K. In this University, there are several departments: School of Arts and Social Sciences, Bayes Business School, School of Health and Psychological Sciences, School of Mathematics, Computer Sciences and Engineering, The City Law School and Dubai Centre. They are committed to being diverse and inclusive, with also promoting gender equality. They also are now expanding and looking for new partners in the private sector, so they can contribute to the production of high-quality professionals.

4. A.A. School of Architecture

Maybe the last private school of architecture provides one of the best curriculums in London. It developed this profession in the U.K. and internationally, giving a high quality professional in the field.

It was made a collective in 1847. Challenging the "normal" in society and the way architecture is learned core values remain in the heart of this University.

In the beginning, it was only a night school with an aspiration to grow. This association is self–funded but also accepts international students as promoters of this institution worldwide.

5. Richmond, The American International University in London

This school has a social dimension and further develops internationality in the curriculum. It develops students' awareness of the social component, helps other and commits to the well-being of the society as a whole. Offers a wide variety of majors for students' studies: Accounting, Business Management, Communication, Film, Psychology, and many others.

They are opened to students, on the internet page we can clearly see the quotas for all of their students. Also, they clearly post what kind of documentation is needed for becoming international student, as well contact for further information of the students. They are accredited from several institutions, like Middle States Commission on Higher Education. The University, in 2022, is celebrating 50 years. Also provide possible transfer from U.S.A.

6. Ravensbourne University London

This is a creative community, in the center of London. This art and design curriculum is designed for students to learn the graphic design in the most creative way. They also offer vocational courses in television and broadcasting, fashion, architecture, and environment design, interactive product design, graphic design.

There are Foundation degrees and Bachelor's degrees. The available postgraduate provision is made for Master's level courses. Each course can be studied to MA, MDes or MSc.

They have an open day for future students.

All applicants are contacted via a letter from the Student Services. Once a student is excepted, the student services will share students information within the institution.

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Written by Israt90 for Mr Univeristy

*Note, prices change over time, information here is opinion not fact and all information should be fact checked*