Are the images on your social media holding you back? LinkedIn? Instagram?

Before reaching out to connect or offering a job, LinkedIn and Twitter profiles are frequently checked to get a sense of who someone is. Whether you own a business, are a freelancer, or are simply looking to level up your job prospects, a social media presence is a way to gain new business and/or grow your network.

What you say on your social platforms is, of course, important but the very first impression will be based on how your profile looks: the imagery. On platforms like Instagram, it may be the only thing people will use to form an impression. Good imagery is not just an expression of who you are but an illustration of how you communicate.

So, what types of images do you need to grow your social following?


The most important image you will need on your social media profiles is a good headshot. When people can see your face, they gain an impression of who you are, which makes communication feel much more personal.