A Gap Year of Progress:Part Two

A Gap year of Progress part 2:

(The Christmas Period at Work) – 12 days of Sh*tmas

Before I pick up where I left off in my previous article, I’ve decided to take the liberty of what was initially supposed to be a paragraph, and expanding it into its own instalment. It’s somewhat like the upcoming Han Solo spin off, as its out of nowhere, and no one really asked for it, but anyway – read on.

So if you the reader, could take yourself back to 2017, back to a time when tide pods were found exclusively in washing machines rather than in the mouths of meme driven teenagers, we can begin this story. I am indeed referring to the ‘Festive’ period, which is anything but for workers. It’s a time in which self worth and human value is left at the door, whilst employees prepare themselves to be swamped in a Dawn of the Dead –esque manner by over demanding customers during the Festive season.

It wasn’t flesh that the festive hoards had a taste for, but rather overcooked slices of turkey and pre- made deserts, which were more alike to school lunches than anything else. But the free market decided that the illusion of grandeur, and free bread rolls was all too tempting.

I had been warned by the majority of my colleagues how chaotic things got over Christmas, and that I needed t