5 Reasons a Campus University Is better than a City University 2022/2023!

If you’re going to the university next year, or even shorter, then you need to consider your options. Decide whether you want to go to a large city university or a rural campus area. The most obvious choice would be a big city because that’s where all the fun is at — it’s where all your friends might go, but this isn’t always the best choice. You need to sit down and think about it and do some research. Below are five reasons you should consider a campus, not a city, for your higher education.

Built-in community

When it comes to making friends and building your social network, a campus is ideal. Students living on-campus have access to many of the same resources students living in the city do—but they also have something better: built-in community. Many universities offer residential halls where students live, eat and play together. From participating in intramural sports leagues to attending special events like concerts or lectures on campus, you’ll have plenty of opportunities for interaction that you might not find off-campus. You’ll also be surrounded by people who share your interests, life goals, and academic pursuits. Your university years are a time for discovery; with so many options available at most universities today, you can easily find a friend group that will give you the support you need from day one.

Location is everything