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Hakoah - A Verbatim Theatre Play About WW2 & The Holocaust

Hey everybody! Today I'm just coming at you with a quick update incase any of you are about in Sydney in the evening of the 17th, 18th or 19th. Me and a group of talented actors and directors have put together a play and you all can come and watch! *Plugs Tickets*

I asked the director Mirri for a quick breakdown of her Play and she replied...

"Hakoah is a Verbatim piece of theatre. This means that everyone you meet in the show is or was a real person— and everything you hear them say is a direct quote from them. I selected this medium for my play to showcase the stories of people who liberated concentration camps and people who survived them, to tell their stories in their words and to show the world that these people have a story to tell that’s still relevant to today’s audience, drawing some particularly stark comparisons to today’s political climate. Hakoah is a Hebrew word meaning the strength, I hope each audience member reflects on this and finds their own meaning of the strength; as I’ve asked the cast to do for themselves as well. As for me, the strength in this case means the strength of human connections, how we as a people have the ability to do awful things, yes, but we also have the ability to do fantastic things. We are able to pull together and help one another even through some of the darkest moments in human history. You may think one person can’t make a difference, but everything ripples, as this harrowingly beautiful piece of theatre shows. Everyone has a voice, everyone has a choice."

Its an amazing piece!

sEE You Soon,