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Why you must follow your heart to become truly successful

We all want to be successful. But what does success truly mean for each of us, and how do we achieve it? Easy – how bad do you want it?

It is only recently that I have realised what true success means, and how to actually be successful at anything.

Now I’m sure there have been times in your life where you’ve had a sudden jolt of motivation, which got you to take massive action, for about 5 minutes… by which point the motivation had sapped out of you. Don’t worry, I’ve been there myself. You’re unsure of why this keeps happening; why you simply cannot seem to get things done, or why you can’t continue to pursue these goals. I am going to solve this problem for you right now. The answer to finding consistent motivation is finding your purpose. If you do not apply for that job, or approach that girl at the bar in front of your friends, or go to the gym, then your reason to take action simply isn’t good enough. You probably don’t even have one. How do you come up with a good reason? Simple – ask yourself what will happen if you continue not to take action. Imagine looking back on your life from your deathbed, having never had the career of your dreams, because you was too scared to go to the interview. Really try to feel the emotions of disgust and regret you would feel. You would be livid; kicking yourself (maybe even literally) for going through life merely as a sheep who was born, had a job they hated for the rest of their life, died, then worst of all, was forgotten.

One thing that’s crucial to understand is that it’s completely normal to be overwhelmed with nerves as you are about to do the thing you know you should do. It’s not about feeling confident about doing the thing at first. It’s about bravery – being scared to do something and doing it anyway. Think about a time when you really didn’t want to take action, but you just did it anyway, because deep down, you knew you should do it. Then you did it, and it went so much better than you expected. Maybe you didn’t even get the results you wanted, but you felt so much better afterwards for having tried. The reason for this is that you listened to your heart. As cringey as this sounds, one fundamental law you must now enlist into your life is that you will listen your heart regardless of the possible outcomes.

Why do you want to be successful? Maybe you want the riches that come with the success. But really, you want the happiness that you think these riches will bring to your life. Anything you do is to experience happiness, either in the short-term or the long-term. From my experiences, I have realised that you will not experience true happiness or a sense of great fulfilment unless you follow what your heart desires. A great example of this is with pursuing career goals. For a while, I was torn between journalism and law in terms of my career ambitions. I couldn’t decide on either option, and I never really chased after either ambition, because the prospect of either career didn’t appeal to me enough. This was until I thought of starting my own blog. You see, I love writing, but I didn’t like the idea that with journalism I would be told what to write by someone else. With my own blog, this changes everything, as I choose what to write on my own accord. Now I can’t stay away from my blog, constantly writing down new ideas, playing around with designs on my blog, and writing articles every day. I literally love to do this, and I finally believe all those people you hear say “this doesn’t feel like a job to me.” Up until a few weeks ago, I, like you, was extremely frustrated with the fact I didn’t have a career path I was super passionate about. I questioned if I would ever find a career I loved.

But enough about me. You want (no, need) to find your passion. How do you do this? Think about and even write down the things you enjoy the most – whether it be sports, writing, reading, drawing, etc. Then delve into and research all the possible careers you could get from doing these things. You see, I simply hadn’t thought of blogging until a few weeks ago. But I always knew I wanted to pursue some sort of career in writing. You just need to keep experimenting until you find that passion. And do not settle. I can tell you one thing for sure – if I had continued pursuing law I would have been miserable. From my own experience in the field, I found it very rewarding, but I also found lots of the work very boring, and I hated this aspect. But this isn’t a rant about law. I am simply making the point that you should pursue what you truly love and if you haven’t found it yet, keep looking!

By now you’ve probably figured out what true success means. No? I have come to realise that true success means happiness, and the only way to get true happiness is to constantly be striving towards your goals. That’s right, you don’t need to have achieved your goals. If your goal is to become a millionaire, you might not do this for 30 more years. Does that mean you’re going to be unhappy for the next 30 years? Of course not. Currently striving towards my ambition to become one of the best self-improvement bloggers by writing articles, going to the gym most days to acquire my goals of greater strength and an aesthetic body, alongside my goals to attain a high level of fitness and attain good boxing skills, I train for boxing most days per week. To some people this may sound like hard work. My response is, well, it is. But to me, hard work is happiness. You see, because this hard work is taking me a little bit closer to my aspirations every day, I constantly feel fulfilled, and consequently much happier than I was when I used to sit around playing video games every day. This has made me realise another thing – once you achieve your goals, set new ones. I’m sure you’ve had moments when you achieved something and then thought to yourself, well that wasn’t even that great once I achieved it. That’s because the process is more important than the outcome.

So if you want to experience true success and happiness, set goals based on what you truly love, and give everything to achieve them. Then, my friend, you will be successful.

Please note this article is from, My good friend and our writer Ryan, and can also be found on his website