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Fox Glacier Ice Climb Review – NZ Road Trip #3

An expensive day, $599 for the supposed day of a life time. When booking I knew it would be amazing but with a price tag like that you’d expect it to be. After other ice climbs were all cancelled for the month of December due to weather this was our only option.

Upon arrival, we were informed of the refund policy, which is an absolute unfair, money making scandal. If the clouds are too low, or weather is bad then essentially helicopters can’t fly you out there and also if the weather changes when you are out there they will have to pull you out of the climb early. Definitely look into this!

Firstly, you must be fit to do this. Watch this YouTube video of me climbing and my experience of the day here------.(

After 1.5hours of equipment gathering and safety talks, we proceeded to the Heli pad and entered the helicopter around 9.20am. We flew out to the glacier as this is now/ recently the only way to get to it. After 6minuites we arrived on the glacier safe.

The blue clarity of the ice was amazing, the staggered sections of the glaciers ranging from 3m to 30m was equally mind blowing.

Fox Glacier Ice Climb

Then we were trained in climbing techniques and practiced climbing for about an hour and a half. The group size was 4 me and Jackson plus 2 Germans. After training we head to a taller, steeper section of the glacier and began to climb.

We climbed glaciers after climbing from around 12-2pm. The weather then supposedly got worse and we had to leave the glacier. We subsequently missed 2 hours of climbing and would not get a refund at all due to the horrendous refund policy.

It was an amazing experience, but we certainly paid the price, If I could go back in time I would do it again, it’s just annoying we didn’t get our money’s worth on the Fox Glacier Ice Climb.

That’s ALL I WILL SAY on this day, the video really does to the talking, as it was an amaing experience

Yours truly, Dylan