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Blue Pools Haast Pass – NZ Road Trip #4

On our way to our next b&b we stopped at the , well known tourist location to scout out and see what the Blue Pools had to offer.

The track from getting out the car to the pools took around 10/15minuites me and Jackson, 2 “healthy” (not after this trip, McDonald’s for dinner every day…) young boys. Simply follow the path and the people infront.

After crossing a dodgey bridge or 2, we arrived at the pools. Crystal clear water, flowing down from the glaciers. Amazing to look at, freezing to paddle in and then even colder to swim in.

We started off just looking, then went paddling, then followed a German guy in and went for a swim. Its honestly the coldest swim ive ever had, colder than any ive bath ive had. You literally just about have enough time to get that perfect Instagram picture before you freeze.

The most AMAZING thing we did here, was something I was sceptical to do at first. This guy next to us, after the swim stated that people jump off the bridge into the pool. It was a whopping 9meters high. I was tempted, but was struggling to convince my-self to do it alone. Time past and i was on the edge of doing it, following the principle of “Yolo”. I then saw a fellow person jump off the back of the bridge.

I went up the rocky path, along to the middle of the bridge, hoped over the barrier, ducked under the stern metal wire and stood on a small green wood poking out from the bridge , with around 30 onlookers….

I stood, thought, and jumped. Insane!!! Wow, the wind, the speed, I have never had an experience like it before, the free falls speed felt electric!! Watch the video down below, it was amazing, id recommended it. Make sure you jump in a safe zone though.

After I did it 5/6 people followed and well you might be next!

Drive over 5/10

View 7/10

Hike 3/10

Difficulty 1/10

My Overall Experience 8.5/10

Overall this made this quick little hike amazing. Enjoy the video and until next time peace.

Your truly, Dylan