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PDFelement Review – "Working smarter for Students"

Student Ear Admin - This is a paid promotion written by a StudentEar creator and edited/added to by PDFelement.

One of the biggest jumps from both GCSE to A-Level, and then A-Level to University that many students struggle with the most is the amount of material covered on their courses. A lot of students regularly find their workload vastly overwhelming and struggle meeting deadlines, whilst maintaining a healthy work- life balance seems like a pipedream for many. According to a YouGov survey from 2016, 71% of University students stated that most of their stress arose from University work, meaning the majority of students feel they have no sufficient way to effectively manage all of their notes and assignments at University. Before reading this article, you might not know that you can easily manage PDF documents with a PDF solution called PDFelement.

PDFelement 6 designed by Wondershare, although designed mainly for the corporate world, is a great tool for the over encumbered student at University or in sixth form to read PDF papers on Windows and Mac. This is due to the expansive list of features the software contains which allow you to effectively edit, convert and annotate your PDF materials quicker than ever before. It is also a free PDF editor on iPhone and iPad and Android Phone and tablets, and they are totally free.

When you first boot up PDFelement 6, you are greeted by an easily understandable interface due to its similarity to Microsoft Office; making it easy to navigate from the outset. Operating in 9 different languages and, from the outset it is not only the native English students ideal tool, but one perfect for foreign exchange students in the globalised world.


PDFelement 6 Pro possesses highly advanced OCR (Optical Character Recognition) recognising up to 20 languages including French, Japanese, Chinese and Spanish meaning you can convert scanned book pages into editable and searchable content. Its OCR system will analyse it faster than any human – interpreting the data rapidly so you don’t have to. However, I find it worth mentioning that easily using the OCR system can be tricky at first, but I got there eventually after many poorly exported PDF’s.

Edit text in PDF

Afterwards, you also have the option to edit and annotate your newly created PDF, meaning you can now add your notes to bulk up the information in the PDF, or even change the font type and tailor the content visually to your liking.

Export PDF

PDFelement also allows you to export your article in over 10 formats you see fit, such as turning it into a Word document or even an image. Yet I found its most valuable feature in this aspect was its ability to extract all the quantifiable data from your PDF into a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet.

Free PDF Templates

For those who find themselves with set assignments that involve research and especially surveys, PDFelement comes with over 200 PDF templates that you can edit and use for yourself, allowing you to build your own digital survey with check boxes and radio buttons that your target group can digitally fill out and send back to you as a PDF. Once you have back all your surveys you can use the aforementioned feature of placing all your quantifiable data into a Microsoft spreadsheet in seconds, saving you countless hours, which can be used for other aspects of student life.

Better Collaboration of Ideas and Information

An additional feature I found incredibly useful was the ability to merge PDF’s together into a larger file. I envision this feature really coming of use during a group project; individuals in a group can work on one piece of a research project and can then amalgamate their work into one large PDF.

Secure your Privacy

PDFelement 6 also offers incredible PDF security; with each PDF you can add an exclusive digital signature for each recipient. There is also the option to protect your files with 256-bit AES password encryption. You can also set permissions for each group member, meaning each person could be allowed to only work on their section of the project which greatly reduces the potential of any mishaps. The security features may seem largely unnecessary, but there is truly no price for peace of mind.

Overall, PDFelement 6 at first had its hiccups, but once I became familiar with its interface and was able to fully utilise its potential, I realised how I had stumbled upon a hidden gem perfect for students who work a lot with PDF files. When you’re investing £9,250 a year into your future, why wouldn’t you invest 90 dollars into something that will allow you to "work smarter for those years?

PDFelement Standard costs $59.95 in one payment, with a 30 day refund optional afterwards. Now it has exclusive 50% off ($29.99) , for StudentEar community members, for what may appear expensive to those who aren’t familiar with PDF readers must keep in mind is that its main competitor, Adobe Acrobat, charges $12.99 a month which over 3 years which adds up to $467.64 - over five times the amount you’d pay for PDFelement. It’s a one off investment for you academic career, rather than a long term subscription commitment which you may have to give up if you find yourself in overdraft.


*Paid Promotion Review completed by StudentEar admin 23/6/2018