PDFelement Review – "Working smarter for Students"

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One of the biggest jumps from both GCSE to A-Level, and then A-Level to University that many students struggle with the most is the amount of material covered on their courses. A lot of students regularly find their workload vastly overwhelming and struggle meeting deadlines, whilst maintaining a healthy work- life balance seems like a pipedream for many. According to a YouGov survey from 2016, 71% of University students stated that most of their stress arose from University work, meaning the majority of students feel they have no sufficient way to effectively manage all of their notes and assignments at University. Before reading this article, you might not know that you can easily manage PDF documents with a PDF solution called PDFelement.

PDFelement 6 designed by Wondershare, although designed mainly for the corporate world, is a great tool for the over encumbered student at University or in sixth form to read PDF papers on Windows and Mac. This is due to the expansive list of features the software contains which allow you to effectively edit, convert and annotate your PDF materials quicker than ever before. It is also a free PDF editor on