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How I Got RID OF FACE ACNE FAST in 2018!

Now, Im just going to jump straight to the point. Below is a before and after picture of me from when i had severe acne to about 1.5years later.

ACNE Before and after treatment Picture

I explain how i cleared up my acne in a YouTube video, to which the link is attached to the "before and after acne treatments" picture. So just click the picture to see the video!

In the comments section of this video i got a lot of requests to upload photos of the medication i am currently on so below is the acne medication i am currently taking.

Trimethoprim and Epiduo acne medication

I would definitely recommend you watch the YouTube video and if you are here to see the medication i am currently taking, in April 2018, i hope you left a like on my video! hahaha

The video description for those of you that have not seen the video - "Today i tell you how i got rid of my acne. i had bad acne on my face and right now its almost gone. I had loads of spots on my face and there was a few secret tips and tricks i used to get rid of them. I was given loads of acne tablets from my doctors that did not work initially. I am currently on the tablets 1 down from roacutane. Medication for acne does not always work, to get rid of acne. In this video, i tell you what i did to get rid of my acne fast. How i got rid of my acne. Skin care routine to get rid of acne. Clean Face and clean skin is definitely worth the struggles. With the products I use and the routine I keep up, you too can definitely get rid of your acne."

I hope this is helpful!

Love Dylan x