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The University of York & Lifestyle in 2018!

The University of York. What's it really like?? Is the nightlife good? Are the clubs in town good? What's the best accommodation to chose at the University of York. Should I I chose catered or self catered at the University of York?!

Today I'm here to answer all these questions! Click the YouTube video link ( where I answer all these questions! But read on if you want to find out further information.

So is catered a good choice? yesss! In the first term be catered! You will have the rest of the time after the first year to cook for your self ! Honestly not having to cook after a hard night out is amazing!! Shopping is super long and you meet so many more people by being catered! Honestly would have it so much if I was not catered! But hey that's just me.

There are some good clubs in York! There are none on campus although there are events on campus! Watch the video as I explain in good detail about the nightlife!

James and Derwent are the best accommodation! Halifax are "in the middle of know where...". Alcuin is off the main campus and He's East are just "annoying rich people" (apparently...), I'm not involved.... And ps I've barely met that many people from Vanbrorough... Read in to that what you will. Also the other colleges I can't even remember.....

Really I think the University of York is actually good!! Drop a like on this article and if you have anything to say, maybe defending your college then write an article! Get involved! #BecomeACreator!!

Dylan x