The Rise Of University Vloggers on YouTube&How they made it!!

When you think of UK Student YouTubers you think of 2 main people. Ibz Mo and UnjadedJade! Both documenting University and the journey to getting there. There's a few key factors why these guys are top of their game on YouTube, read more below!!

Ibz Mo brings the Sass to education! His rants about life can make anyone laugh and honestly there is no one with a personality similar. His use of the word "bitch" and "bad bitch" are very frequent and are very suitable! He's just overall very entertaining and wears very cool shades while vlogging at Cambridge University. Recently staring in the CurrysXPCworld YouTube campaign who knows what's next for him. Also Cambridge is one of the most academic Universities in the UK leaving views intrigued to find out about that lifestyle. #IBZMoXSeasoning