Advice is something that every student is given every single year, from sixth form leavers telling you that "it's never too early to revise" or even "Don't stress, it's all going to work out in the end" (which is true!). But some advice that I feel needs to be explored a little further so that every student that is applying to university can make the best decisions for themselves, is what to expect from Open days. To make it simple I have narrowed it down to 5 points. Sit down, grab some coffee or tea and get advised by a student like yourself who just went to a bunch of open days not knowing what to expect.

  1. Plan Ahead of the Trip

This might literally be stating the obvious but it's important to know when attending open days. Select the open days you want to go to, booking them beforehand to make sure they know you're coming and that you're interested in their university. Saving up some cash is also important, I mean I'm broke now but saving up that money definitely came in handy, not just for the transport but for the lunch and the possible unexpected costs that might come with visiting another city. With this being said book your train or coach tickets beforehand, they are usually much cheaper when bought a few weeks before the actual trip. By the end of September, I already knew which open days I was going to attend: Nottingham Trent, UAL and Derby. Better to know where you're heading than walking in blind, right? On a second note, don't expect to go to every single open day, a selective list is effective enough but if you feel that you need to go to a few more afterwards