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At the each of the first and last term at university there is a formal. Its basically a university prom! This posed the question of "Was university prom the same as yr11 and yr13 prom?".

The answer was NO!! Now ofc prom was mainly about getting that perfect Instagram photo demonstrated below however at university there is an added twist.

University Prom

The twist was that everyone went clubbing afterwards! Before in year 11 and year 13 nobody went clubbing. But boyo boy this year everybody did. Girls and boys bouncing around in a club in dresses worth up to £550!

Overall it was a very decent night. Yes just decent. But nowadays decent isn't too bad....

We also had a 3 course meal at a railway museum before we went to the club!

It cost £37 for the venue and museum along with club entry. the portions of food was very small but hey, thats what i expected!

Definitely check out my YouTube video on the prom if you would like more detail about how University prom actually was.

Year 13 Prom

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