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So recently 15,000 students were surveyed by "The Tab" to see what the most boring universities in the UK were. Cutting to the chase, below are the top 5 most boring along with the amount of votes the received out of 15,000...

5. Hull (1,396)

4. York (1,566)

3. Warwick (2,189)

2. Durham (2,202)

1. Highlands and Islands (2,996)

So there you have it, apparently the above are the top 5 most boring universities in the UK. Cambridge, Oxford and many other universities were also options which people could of chosen from but they just didn't get that many votes!

Currently I'm in my first year at the University of York and I can tell you it is not boring!! Me and my flat mates were FUMING when we saw this!!!

The real question you have to ask your self is: Whose really at the most boring universities, the people out partying not voting in surveys or the people at home voting in surveys....

Ayy well thats it from me, quick, imformative straight to the point articles!

Come back next week,