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It's understandable that almost everyone is nervous about going to university. Thinking about what their life is going to be like, what will change, and what will not is absolutely nerve wrecking. No one can tell you what your experience is going to be because there are just too many possibilities about what could change. Where you live, study, your very own personality, all depends on what university you choose. There are some truths that every student will experience to get a more practical outlook of life and to allay their fear as well. Starting your new life at a new place with a new beginning seems a daunting experience. After lugging everything, you arrive at this new place trying to understand what’s next?

Start your university life with a positive attitude. Don’t try to act like a social butterfly who gets adjusted with everything and anything. Try to be yourself. Because everyone is pretty much like you, full of nervousness. This is where your boat arrived and this is the new chapter of your life.

Here are some things everyone should know about befire starting university life.

1. Don’t Be scared Of Academics

When students step into university life, they find their lectures and seminars intimidating. The fear starts before starting university, especially when they are preparing for a college entry test. But this fear can be overcome by remembering that they are people too. They are just like us. They experience things just as much as we do. Discuss lecture topics with them during class, chat with them during college functions that will ultimately make you relaxed.

2. Take Charge

Now that you’ve started a new phase of your life, it’s upto you to make decisions for yourself. Outside of your classes and seminars, it’s up to you to decide whether you’re going to study or relax yourself. Dreams are the fuel of your future. Everyone will support you but the one to make the decision is you. So you have to organize your time accordingly so you can both study and have fun at the same time.

3. Diversity is Everywhere

Whether you're from a tiny town or a huge metropolis, universities will introduce you to individuals from all around the world. Most of us begin our adult lives at university, where our eyes are opened to many cultures, beliefs, and morals that surround us. Anyone with tourism experiences will be able to reconnect with nations they may have adored and left, as well as values they appreciate and miss. Every institution is unique, but every college is inclusive and varied - so everyone can find a place to belong in.

4. On-campus Life

Getting involved in a new area, accompanied by newbies, and maybe discovering a different outlook on life will lead you to obtaining information on a daily basis. For the first time, you could master how to use a laundry room. Maybe you'll start learning a foreign language. You might even start cooking meals from all around the world. Every day at university, you'll come across something new and fascinating — it's up to you whether you take advantage of the chance or pass it up.

5. Learning Everyday

Going to university isn't only about academics – you also need to learn how to combine your career and personal lives. You'll have time for studying as well as time to pursue other interests. Every college will now have sports and groups in which you can participate. Some colleges provide chances for students to volunteer. Jobs are available at campus institutions in pubs, stores, and restaurants. Other options include working as an associate researcher, where you assist your professors with their research. You can also get paid to participate in university studies – and it might feel wonderful to assist final-year students with their dissertation research.

6. Don’t Wing it

The lesson and seminar components of your course need the least amount of time. The majority of your work will be done on your own time - yes, your instructors will want you all to study outside of class! Conducting real research, writing reports, preparing for quizzes, examinations, and presentations, reading through the required reading list, and completing homework projects are the tasks that will use the majority of your course time.

7. Clubs And Societies

If you don't already know what colleges have to offer in the way of sports teams and clubs, have a peek online right now! Society is one of the finest methods to meet new people at university since they allow you to meet individuals outside of your subject and outside of your residence. You don't have to be an athletic member to enter a sporting event, and you just don't have to play a sport to participate in social gatherings.

8. Support system

Whatever institution you decide to attend, there will be different methods for the university to help both as an individual and as a student. You'll have the support of all of your family and friends back home, as well as new pals from university, including academics! As a student, you may get help with many other elements of university life, such as healthcare and well-being, money, and housing, and it's usually a good idea to look into what additional types of help are available before securing your place. Some institutions also provide support teams to keep an eye out for students on a night out, such as assistance with making your way home or providing a minibus service.

9. Saving Money a Hussle

As a teenager, you'll quickly uncover a plethora of money-saving tips. Because there are so many amazing student discounts and offers available, it's especially simple to save money as a student. You'll soon figure out where to get the cheapest coffee or eat out, which evenings of the week offer student nights, which stores have the greatest bargains, and so on. You'll di

scover how to cook affordable meals and which discount cards and mailing lists are worth joining.

10. University isn’t about partying

This is a fantastic place to enjoy weekends.

Finally, the most common misconception about university life is that it focuses on partying, with students spending all weekend partying and all day sleeping.. While it's perfectly alright to let your hair down once or twice a week, most diligent students are serious about the studies they're paying £9,000 a year for, and get up at a decent time each day, attend classes and classes devoutly, and devote much of their free time to working studiously in the library. Furthermore, when you're in university, partying is merely one of several possibilities for enjoyment. University is an atmosphere that fosters personal interests and tastes considerably more than most institutions, and you don't have to compromise your personality to fit in.

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