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The north of England is attractive due to its overwhelming number of attributes the north has to offer including its beautiful landscape, thriving cities and creative influence.

There are many reasons that why you should choose your university in north of England but below are few important reasons why the north of England is a better place to study in England:

1. Living cost:

One of the most lucrative aspects of studying in the north of England are the lower living cost. If you compare the prices to London, it is significantly cheaper. The average living costs in the most desirable student location such as Manchester, Leeds, Newcastle and Sheffield come in around £200 a week. This includes rent, food and other general expenses. Money could go a lot further if you chose to study up north and in the long run can make student life much less stressful.

2. The Universities:

There are a variety of world-class universities up north including Manchester University, University of Leeds, Newcastle University, The University of York etc.

Durham, Manchester, Sheffield, York and Leeds universities are featured in the top 20 Universities in the UK.

3. The location or cities:

The location of these universities are in some of the biggest and best cities of the UK. A northern student has access to top-class education and the privilege of living in those exciting cities such as Newcastle, Liverpool, Manchester and Leeds. All these exiting locations are capable to cater its large student population.

These cities provide fantastic career opportunities during and after university. It also offers a huge number of entertainment and other activities to ensure a well-rounded quality life for a student.

4. The night life:

Northerners are good at having fun, so the cities night life is with full of fun and joy. Cities with high student population such as Leeds and Newcastle place consistently high on the best UK nightlife rankings due to their wide variety of nightclubs, bars and pubs.

No matter what your idea about a good night is out entails, there is always something for everyone up there.

This is to remember that the alcohol prices remain much lower for those in the north so, you don’t have to spent much to have a good time there.

5. The culture:

Apart from partying till early morning there are plenty more sophisticated and educational venues up in the north of England. The north proudly shows off its rich culture with its fascinating museums, art galleries, such as the Newcastle International Center for Life and the Walker Art Gallery in Liverpool.

The north is home to iconic monuments such as The Angel of the North as well as fantastic cultural venues across the north of England including the Yorkshire Sculpture Park and Manchester’s Museum of Science and Industry. All of those places are visited by thousands of people each year from across the globe.

6. The festivals:

Up in the north of England there are plenty of festivals keeps happening over the week. A music festival can sometimes be the best way to find comfort after the dreadful exams and deadline period. Whether it can be Creamfields or the mighty Leeds festival in Yorkshire, there is always something for you.

Northern music festival attracts some the biggest names in music, including the likes of Eminem, Rihanna and Kasabian.

7. The food:

The north is sometimes misrepresented when it comes to what north have on offer in the food department. Many southerners may have the view that the best grub you can expect to find up north can be found in the local chippy. Whilst that might be true for some but the variety and quality of northern cuisine entails. Roast beef and Yorkshire puddings, Cumberland sausage and mash and Lancashire cheese are just some of the delicious offerings you will find up in north.

8. Transportation:

Transportation is the most important element of the daily life of a student which usually involves public transport.

Northern cities are not that sophisticated as London tube but with the services such as Manchester’s night buses and Newcastle’s metro will cover you up.

Travelling back home to see your family isn’t an issue either because every big city in the north is home to major train and bus stations linking commuters to every corner of the UK.

9. The job prospects:

The north of England is expanding economically, and this is another benefit for any student who chose to study up here. The amount of vacancy of the junior and graduate positions are available in the biggest northern cities such as Manchester and Leeds are on the rise.

Most of these jobs accommodate both students currently in higher education and recent graduates looking to get their career moving forward.

10. The people:

This is being unfairly said that the North of England are less welcoming to the strangers. But I am sure after studying up north you will discover that, this is not completely correct.

Up in the north the diversity of the population, especially in the universities, are something to be celebrated.

People from all around the world who study and work in a variety of fields can be found across northern towns and cities, all of whom possess that famous northern charm.

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